Poetry Slam

Unsheath your pens, sharpen your voice We're here to hear your sins We can't offer you redemption But we can offer you a prize

Mr and Ms Kurukshetra

Do you think you have what it takes to stand out in a crowd? Do you feel like you have the personality to blow us all away? Come prove yourself in the Mr and Ms FLAME Kurukshetra event! The rings of fire await. Will you come out victorious or scorched?

War of DJs

The turntables beckon! Put forward your smoothest transitions and the sickest tunes you can create. This Battle of the Beats awaits you! If you enjoy playing around with music and rhythms, this is the event for you.

Solo singing & Duet

Blessed with a voice to-die-for? Make sure you’re well versed with the hits of various decades! Own the spotlight with Western tunes, Or rock a duet with some desi numbers

Fashion Show

FLAME Kurukshetra brings you this year’s fashion show with the theme ‘Symmetry’. From fantastically futuristic shapes To simple geometry Walk this way, or that way - just don’t stumble


If you are more than #instagram or #vscocam If you believe there’s more to photography than pretty pictures, Then prove yourself in the battlefield, By shooting others out of this competition!

Street Play

The time has come to raise your voice Rule the streets with live music, action, and satire. Fuse sound, colors and your special charm. So assemble the best you have and “Maaro tamasha beech bazaar”

Five Thinking Hats

If you think you have the gift of the gab And can use the weapons of words to stab Try our competition, our literal thinking hats Battle it out with your wits and smarts.

Group Dance

From the glamour of disco To MJ’s infamous moonwalk To the breathtaking jazz, tap, pop, lock and what not! So sway, spin, twirl, and whirl your way to the battlefield


From bass to treble, from melodies to harmonies; It’s on you to bring iconic soundtracks from the silver screen into definition. No instruments or soundtracks, Your voices deserve their moment.

Creative Writing

They say the pen is mightier than the sword So get ready to put your writing skills to use. Test your ability to incorporate elements in your writing. Keep your pens ready!


“You are what you speak”, But with a minute on the clock, Can you run your mouth well, Before the buzzer buzzes you off?


Get ready for some very interesting twists in the quiz this year! You might have to get to the finish line through ‘the road not taken’. So find someone whose brain fills the gaps in your own, And get ready to beat the rest in The Battle of the Brains!

Battle Of Bands

A bass drum for a heart Guitar picks for fingers, And a crew that’s up for a performance Grab your musical weapons and join us!


Be bold, be wild, and fight street-style, Imagination and colours are your weapons. Armed with your spray cans, Enter the battlefield and MAKE YOUR MARK!