Best Manager

Almost anyone can be logical, creative, analytical, dynamic. But can you do all this and much more without cracking under pressure? Think you have the tact and spontaneity to be the greatest? Come fight for the title of the Best Manager!

Business Quiz

Do you think business is your arena of excellence? Are you intuitive, insightful, canny and brainy? Rack your money-minded brains and, Venture into this arena of profits and losses.

Business Plan

If you think you are street smart and believe in learning, Learn to convert your street skills into money, Treasure hunts and stalls, This event has everything you could ask for!


Markets are as much about strategy as war Are you ready to lead your army Into the competition And make it a monopoly?

FLAME stock exchange

The first of its kind in FLAME Kurukshetra! If you have it in you to make the best deals Come invest in real teams! Do you think you’ll take home the most?