Pack up your kits Get ready to play the gentleman’s game, At a ground in the middle of the valley Can you climb to victory?


It's a simple three-point strategy:
Bring your A-game, and dribble your way to victory! Tie those laces and get your game faces on Four quarters, one victor.


Are you waiting to blow everyone away with your strokes? Come and make your sleekest splash From the graceful breast stroke to the fluttering butterfly. Try not to hit rock bottom


Bright sun, a cool wind in the valley, The smell of freshly mowed grass. Put on your studs and run like the wind This game is on from dawn to midnight


Serve it, smash it, win it! You’re up against the best, So let your racket do the talking. Give it your all or you’ll get knocked out


The battle lines have been drawn The net has been set, What are you waiting for, my friend? Join us and be a part of this “volley” of experiences.


If you have what it takes to be a pro on the court Get ready to be pitted against the best of the best and encounter an exhilarating exchange of smashes!


Your precision at potting can get you fame, laurels and much more. Just keep a cool head and a steady hand If the cue stick is your weapon, Then join us at the Kurukshetra battleground!

Table Tennis

Work on your backhand And your backspin But don’t hold back Chop chop, it’s time

Ultimate Fitness

Are you someone who believes in eating clean and staying lean? Come join us in our Ultimate Fitness Event And compete in a physical fitness event and show off your gains Added Bonus - You come across other fitness freaks

Box Cricket

If under-arm bowling is your forte, And you don't shy away from the bat, They say good things come in small packages, This game comes in a box


Bring your juggling skills and your quick maneuvers, Its all about skills, speed and reflexes But be careful what you do with your feet, Football isn't the same on the street

Spartan Race

Ever wanted to go through an intense obstacle course? We've got you covered. We can't give the same obstacles as life, But you wouldn't be let off easy.

Head Table Tennis

You'll have to use your head to rally the ball! Head Table Tennis will test your resilience like no other, If you've got the brains, more importantly the skull, Then get your head in the game

Arm Wrestling

Is your dominant arm ready for domination? See if you have what it takes to win this hands down